Other than our ongoing offerings, there are no programs at 493 Whitney Avenue at this time. Please see Shambhalaonline.org for possible on-line programs and nearby Shambhala Centers/communities (Boston, Pioneer Valley, New York) for in-person programs with Shambhala.


Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston

Learn to Meditate

with Richard Brown & Petri Flint & Austin Seeley

January 7th—December 1st

Drop-in program the first Sunday of each month. Learn the view and practice of Shamatha, or calm-abiding, mindfulness meditation, which stabilizes the mind and synchronizes mind and body. Continue »

Burlington Shambhala Center

Shambhala Morning

March 9th—December 13th (2025)

Café and Meditation Instruction Every Second Saturday of the month 9:30 - 11 Join us for lively discussion and practice Continue »

Burlington Shambhala Center

MidWeek Dharma

April 3rd—December 18th

WEEKLY WEDNESDAYS Revitalize yourself with a drop-in community of meditation practitioners - new and old! Meditation practice, instruction and dharma presentation followed by discussion. Continue »

Burlington Shambhala Center


with Kendra Smith & Melissa Scanlon

July 8th—August 5th

Join us as we explore teachings from Pema Chödrön (audio recordings) on how we as individuals can respond to turmoil in our everyday lives to create a culture of compassion. Continue »

Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston

Understanding Our Shrines - A Fresh Look [HYBRID]

with Charlie Trageser & James Wilton & Austin Seeley

July 13th

Why do we have a shrine? What does the symbolism mean? All community members are invited to explore the history and symbolism of the shrines at our center - an antidote to any sense that asking questions is not allowed! Continue »