End of year mamo chants

February 13th (2018)

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    The year-end Don season practice is a means of clearing up the accumulated environmental negativity of the past year. We are continuously caught up in the momentum of conditions around us, for good and ill throughout the year sharing virtue, exertion, beliefs, conflicting emotions, prosperity, difficulty and sickness with our family, our community and our country. 

    According to the Buddhist view, the end of the current year is seen as a time of the ripening of karmic tendencies which create chaos and disharmony within ourselves and in our environment. In order to counteract these negative forces, we invoke awareness through regular meditation practice and also dispel these destructive energies by offering chants to the Mamos (female dharma protectors) to assist us in quelling confusion and overcoming obstacles.
    A single session will be held at the Shambhala Center this year, on Tuesday, February 13 starting at 7 PM. There will be a brief explanation at the start of the evening to aid participants in understanding the practice. The entire session ought to last no more than an hour. 

    This event is free and open to all. No registration needed